Thursday, December 18, 2008

Witty Knitty World Yarn Tour!

So I'm at work and bored (shhhh! Don't tell!) and I think that what I want to do with my life is begin a world-wide yarn tour. But I suppose I should start small and say America first. Or maybe I should start even smaller and say North Carolina, cuz lored knows I've only been to two yarn shops in the state. So the plan is, every year I pick a state and visit all the yarn stores in that state and blog about them. Sound good? I think so. I'm imagining I can trek an entire state in less than two weeks. Does that even sound possible???

PS: I just found out that it costs more to take a train from Durham, NC to LA, Ca. What does that even mean? Do you think they'll let me take a bike on a train?

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