Monday, December 8, 2008

So Much Junk

I just took pics of all my UFO's. There are soooo many... so here goes:

I started this sock a couple weeks ago on (what I thought was) size fives, lost one, got size fours and they're bigger... wtf?

It's just a three-row diagonal 2x2 ribbing. Comfy.

They're for Stephanie.

This is my first pair of socks, Chrissy Gardiner's Knotty or Knice out of Interweave Fall '08. Also my first cables... neat. Finished these in about three days last month. They are Stephanie's.

This is a crappy picture, but this is a blanket (also for Stephanie, noticing a pattern here?). My own design. There's no pattern but I might write one for funsies. We'll see I guess. I just started this one a couple weeks ago. It's Lion Brand Thick & Quick. Thank heavens for bulky yarn... I was gonna try to knit her a whole big blanket in worsted weight... ugh. That was a nightmare.

I thought it would be cute to make ornaments for my family for Christmas. Then my mom reminded me that most of them wouldn't appreciate it. Hm. These are Knitted and Felted Ornaments by Leigh Radford. Check it out.

Thick and Thin from Fitted Knits seriously adapted and now taking FOREVER to do the trim. I haven't worked on this in months.

A hand towel (that was supposed to be a bath towel) and beginning of a washcloth for a co-worker. There were also supposed to be two sets, but it ain't happening.

These two pics are Eve Self's Houndstooth Scarf (I think that'll only work if you're on Ravelry). They were for my sister for her bday. I was halfway through it on Thanksgiving (the day *after* her bday) and she decided that instead of a scarf, she would prefer arm warmers. Good thing it's knit in the round then.

the inside...

There you go. Now I have to update my Ravelry.

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