Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Balance? What balance?

I want to really see how many days go like this, so it must be logged.

I intended to wake up early-ish (by 9:30) this morning but I had a rough night so I stayed in bed until about 10:30. Fine. I got up, cleaned the kitchen and made pancakes for breakfast. I never make breakfast. I leave the other half for Stephanie. Stephanie comes home about an hour later and has a sandwich.

I have a linguistics paper due Thursday. I picked the topic (semantics of comparatives), so I kind of know what it should be about, but I have no idea what kind of format it should be, what exactly the content should be, or HOW LONG it should be. I asked. I wait.

I was way overdue on an english paper (as were five other students in the class) and hadn't said anything to the professor (neither had they) and we all got properly reamed the day of the final and STILL got a chance to turn it in. I turned mine in yesterday with a written note of apology. This morning, I got an email that the prof accepted my apology and the paper was ready to be picked up.

Okay, I'll go to campus, print out some stuff (cuz oh yea, my printer at home doesn't work, although it's not so much the printer as my laptop, Libby, seems to have beef and won't talk to the printer so now the printer won't talk to Libby and it's a huge dramatic mess. I tried printing to a different printer but Libby got even more mad and stopped printing to any of them. That's what I get for undermining her), sell my english book (because I get $50 back for the $100 I paid for it and I need money), grab my paper, take Libby to the doctor so they can fix her printer aversion and take a little time to enjoy the unusually mild weather.

I come to campus, visit the techs first. They don't see the stupid printer message that pops up exactly five times every time I boot up, but they can tell it doesn't work. They remedy Libby's no-printing: I can now print to the university printer system again: hurray! I just have to reinstall my printer when I get home. I can handle that.

I'm sitting in the printing lab when Stephanie comes in to print something and run to work. She prints. She runs.

I hit print, it sends the document to the printer, and I realize I don't have my OneCard, necessary for making the document come out of the printer machine. Stephanie left long enough ago that she'll be late to work if she comes back. But maybe the techs fixed Libby and she'll print from home anyway so it's okay.

On the way out of the library, I decide I'll try to find the Friday Night Knitting Club audiobook because I was given the second book as a gift and I don't like reading/watching things out of order. It's here! Which is nice because last time I looked, it wasn't. I go to check it out and wait! I need my OneCard. I can use my ID# but only the lady in charge can do that and she just left. Maybe I'll just get the book. I go upstairs and they say I have one opportunity in my entire college career to use a form of identification other than my OneCard to check a book out. It's not that serious. I'll come back after I go home.

I go to pick up my paper but as I walk into the building (and I mean as soon, like at the door), I see the professor and honestly, I still feel a little ashamed to face her, so I back out. No problem. I'll come back later or tomorrow.

I'm hungry. I'll sell my book and use the money to get something to eat.
I walk across the way to student stores to sell my book and realize that I can't sell my book if I don't have it. Unfortunate. I have to go home.

I'm still hungry. Maybe I'll just swing by the ATM, although I'd rather not, and grab something really quick. Crap, the wallet that contains my OneCard also contains my ATM card. Home.

I go to the bus stop and take out my knitting (the blue sock) only to find that I have FOUR size four needles, not five (I just lost one of my fives a couple weeks ago). I dump out the entire contents on my bag on the sidewalk. Not there. Fabulous. I don't want four. I want five. I put it away. That's still okay.

New plan: I'll go home, eat, grab the size fives and the wallet and the book, try to print from home, come back to campus, sell the book, take the money and go to Home Depot and buy dowels and just cut them down and make new needles. Not as nice, but organic and more economical than buying five more of both sets.

I get home and I eat. In the meantime, I see if Libby will print. I boot Libby up and what do I see but those five printer messages. Not good. It's ok. They said they fixed it. I plug in the printer. Nothing. I download a patch from HP. Nothing. I download again. Something, but then it's waiting for something and so I hop over to Harlotville to waste time. Forty minutes later I wake up and that download? Nothing. That's ok. I'll just read my articles online.

I sit to read my articles. Two hours later, I wake up and my articles sit unread. Maybe I should go back to campus.

I grab the book, Libby, needles, and the wallet and head back to campus. I drive around and find a parking space near where I'm going but I need quarters. I reach into my bag. No change purse and I don't have any cash. Oh well. Find another space a bit farther, but for free and head straight for Student Stores. I walk up to the building and pull the door. It's locked. They close at 8pm. I look at my clock: 8:01. AUTOMATICALLY SCRATCH the book-selling, and the dowel-buying and the needle-making, and the drink that I thought I was gonna get cuz I'm PARCHED and the water fountain isn't doing it. I look in my bag and find my coin purse. Well that's good. I'll just print my articles, get my audiobook, go to the student union, buy a drink, and read.

I go back to the printing lab and print my first article. I'm feeling ambitious and think one might be too short so I go to print another. I follow the same protocol as before. Three times. and get nothing each time. Turns out they've had problems with laptops communicating with the print service. That's fine, I'll use the pc. I print my articles, check out my audiobook and head to the union. I walk down the the drink machines. $1.25 for some juice or water. Okay. I check my change purse. $1.20. You've GOT to be kidding...

Anyway, that's where I am now. Broke, parched, with a textbook I can't sell until maybe tomorrow, and four US4 and US5 needles (each), but with a free parking space, a lovely audiobook, and the articles I need to write the paper I haven't started that's due Thursday... wish me luck...

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