Thursday, February 19, 2009


adj. Not commensurate; disproportionate; inadequate

It started last night. I had just started Chart 3 of the Adamas shawl. I feel like I started that shawl forever ago and I was so excited to be nearly finished so I worked on that instead of my homework. I set my alarm for 8am so I would have enough time to get dressed and do hw before class at 11.The alarm went off at 8 and I definitely hit snooze... Twice... Then I just went ahead and set it for 8:45am. At least I felt a little more rested when I got up finally.
Once out of bed, I started preparing my life. I had to get dressed, pick up a book I need for class from the office at my apartment, pick up the wireless keyboard I ordered for my pda and send my sister some stuff at the post office, get to campus, and finish hw before class. Since it was 9, I expected to have all of the errands done and be on campus by 10. I decided I even had enough time for a shower and since I was gonna take a shower, I'd wash my hair. That wouldn't take long. I took a shower and washed my hair super quickly and got out of the shower at 9:45. Ok, so it wasn't all that quick.
I got dressed and left. I picked up my package from the office from our maintenance guy who took his sweet time looking at all eight packages after I told him which one it was. I went to the post office and ended up at a teller who took her sweet time putting 5 items into a box because the last item was just too big but it fit once you cut the top off and do I want to buy any packaging products and do I need any stamps today and no wonder your sister needs arch supports for her boots while she's in PT...
I got to campus at 10:45 and prepared to park in my normal space when I realized I didn't have my parking permit and I wasn’t driving my normal car so I had to pay for parking. Paying for parking also meant I had to walk to north campus from south campus and I wore heeled boots because they're the only ones that don't get wet in the rain.
I got to my first class (the first one hw was due for) five minutes late, but had plenty of time to finish it up before we turned it in.
I had a test that I forgot to study for in my next class but which was essentially a review from the first test. I also had a homework due that I managed to finish in the last half of my previous class.
My third class was fine and we got out 5 minutes early which left me enough time to check out what the HW assignment was for my Spanish class. It was long enough to make me 15minutes late to that class, which was really fine, cuz I’m never late and I finished my hw.
I went back to my car to stop at home and eat before our THReaDC meeting and was paying for parking. The lady took my $10 and was about to give me change but noticed she made change for a $20 and couldn't figure out how to fix it and the machine wouldn't take it so she let me have my $10 back.
I think the day went ok. What do you think?

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