Wednesday, February 25, 2009


verb. 1. To criticize or reprimand severely 2. To punish in order to correct
So, I watched Cat Bordhi's video on YouTube demonstrating a proper Magic Cast-On. You know, the one I've been ignoring (well, neglecting to learn, really) in all the sock patterns that I've looked at recently? Yea, that one. I have to say, I'm AMAZED! Especially since every non-knitter I've encountered, children and adults alike, ask me why there's a hold in the toe of my sock. Then, I have to explain that it gets closed up at the end and they may sort of understand once they see me close it, but today. TOSAY!?!?! Today, I ask myself the same durned question! Why, Danni!? WHY is there a hole in the toe of your sock!? WHY are you tortuting yourself with the sewing up, which you HATE to do, as little as it may be, and at the END when you KNOW you have no patience for it anyway and do a bad job!?!? WHY do you torment yourself so? Well. My only answer is that I knew not what I did. I didn't understand the implications of this kind of neglect (or procrastination, I guess I figured I'd learn it some time). Now I understand and I'm sooooooo sorry, self, for putting you through this for all the months (at least) that it's been since I first heard of the magic cast on. I will most certainly change my ways...

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  1. that cast on is pretty amazing...and actually quite simple.