Wednesday, January 14, 2009

WIP Wednesday

A quick update on my WIPs...

I'm still working on the bolt blanket which, despite hours and hours of work, show no detectable signs of progress. A picture would be depressing.

I started a yellow bias scarf for Stephanie (that I forgot I didn't have a picture of until now). Hope says it'll be submitted in the FO pile for Friday... fingers crossed. Very simple pattern, (out of my head and stuff...) Lion Brand Cotton Ease in whatever that corn-looking color is.

More by Friday...

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  1. Aiiieeeee! Did you see yesterday's post on Franklin Habit, author of aforementioned blog and _It Itches_ may be in the Triangle at the end of February. Be still my beating Durhamite heart.

    I discovered your blog through your comments on that of The Yarn Harlot, whom I also adore.

    My verification word is "hablyar," the child of Spanish "hablar," speak, and Hindi "yaar," friend, pal. "Stop blathering or say something, OK, pal?"

    OK. I will stop blathering, except to tell you that I hope you're able to keep warm.