Sunday, November 2, 2008


So I've been reading the Yarn Harlot's blog for like, I dunno, two days now and it's grossly entertaining and when I say gross, I mean like real nasty. Like I-think-about-her-when-I-can't-read nasty. Like I-talk-about-her-to-my-gf-like-we've-met nasty. Like I-wanna-be-friends nasty. No but really, mostly like I-wanna-start-my-own-blog nasty. Yup that's it right there. I'm starting this blog for no reason aside from the fact that I so enjoy reading hers. Too cool.

Soooo, I suppose we should talk about me a bit.

Why should you read my blog?
1) It's about knitting and if you don't like knitting, I don't wanna be your friend anyways.
2) I love knitting in an all consuming kind of way. Maybe that could be interesting.
3) I dunno. I have good grammar? Just do it. It'll make me feel good.

I've been knitting for four (or so) years. Kinda had a short glitch for a year, but I'm officially obsessed as per my mother, father, and girlfriend who find it strange that a 21 yr old will sit at home and watch crappy tv and knit on a Friday night instead of going out with other twenty-somethings and getting yucky drunk (cuz that's what kids do, right?) and spewing nasty all over, waking up with a splitting headache and nearly no recollection of the previous night's atrocities. I can see why they're confused. I'm intrigued.

I'm working on an organization at my university to stitch-n-bitch, teach beginners, and donate to charities. I want every word of my proposal to be perfect so it's taking a while. We'll see what happens there.

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