Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Help! I need somebody. Help!... I suppose it could be anybody...

I finished a cowl and a headband yesterday for two former coworkers.

Cowl is, of course, in Patons Classic Wool in Chestnut Brown. The headband is three different colors of skinny green ribbon. Not ribbon yarn. Just ribbon. Pain in the behind.

In any case, I packaged them all pretty, drove 30minutes out to give them their goods,

and realized I had left them at home. Ugh.

Now that I'm finished with things for other people, I'm working on a jacket to take with me to Germany. So far, I've done the ribbing.

I'll be using some stitch patterns from Katharina Buss' Big Book of Knitting again. I like that one. Updates as it comes along.

In other news, I had been making these headset covers for work (hint: it was a call center).

We have to have our own headphone covers to cushion our ears. I'm sure it's something about germs and stuff. I lost one of mine and didn't want to pay $2 for another pair, so I made one.

Then people started asking for them and in all kinds of crazy colors.

It was getting too tedious keeping up with all the colors I had available and all the colors people wanted, so I just made and packaged a bunch.

Now I have extra and I don't work there anymore and I'm trying to come up with something else to do with them. They're kind of shaped like little doll hats and can flatten to a disk with a lip. I wish I could explain that better. Any suggestions??? Help me out.

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