Saturday, January 16, 2010

The New Year

It's been a little while now, so I suppose I'll update.

I graduated in December and for my graduation present, I asked my mom to take me to St Lucia to visit our family. It had been ten years since we'd been and my great grandfather isn't gonna wait another ten years for us to visit. It was fantastic:

It was warm, it was beautiful, it was relaxing, (it was one week),

and of course, I got a good amount of knitting done.

(Gratuitous sheep pic. They're just hanging out, tied up everywhere)

These are sweaters for my two little cousins. Honestly, my mom made a fuss about how much stuff they get and don't appreciate, so they may get frogged anyway. I asked them each to design their own sweaters. CJ asked for the Transformers logo on green and Ariel wanted Hello Kitty. Problem: I forgot to look up the logos before I left, so I got to the color work parts of the sweaters and didn't have a reference OR anything else to knit, so I just kept going and I finished them both by the time we got back. I think I'll give these sweaters to other cousins (yea I realize there's a name on one. I got it) and go for matching mittens and hats with the Transformers and Hello Kitty.

New topic - my stash. It's out of control.

There's a huge tub that was full of tangled yarn. ALL of what's' in here, was tangled... Ugh...

...there's a laundry basket full of stuff that just needs finishing (ends, buttons, etc)...

and then there are the shoe boxes. All of the ones you see there are FULL (I mean packed and there are about 25 of them) with yarn. Now I have an office chair over there that's also got yarn piled up on it. It's a serious problem. I'm imagining that if I ball everything instead of leaving it in it's original ball/skein, it might take up less space. That may be a bit of an illusion. My realistic brain says i MIGHT save 30% of the space I'm using now. But I have to believe...

Next item on the agenda: All Witty Knitty

So I'm committing to being full time with my business (as well as having a full time job outside of home) so that I can make some progress. I opened up my etsy shop and ordered my business cards. Once I get some decent pictures, I'll have some up in the shop! Excitement!

Well, that's my loooooong-assed update. Hope I see you again soon...


  1. Hooray! Good to see you back. You look lovely and so relaxed in all the pictures :)

    Also: I think your stash and my stash have been sending each other notes, because they look eerily similar.

  2. I'm very happy that you have updated the blog and that you have an etsy shop. And of course, as I've said before, very proud. I can't wait to see what happens next...