Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lost and Found

**some "back issues"
~July 12, 2009~

I tend to consider things that are lost because it interests me that objects can exist independent of a person. I usually think of lost things sitting some place hidden waiting to be found.

The phrase 'Lost & Found' though somehow seemed redundant. ''Of course it's found. Everything that's lost is found. "

I'm an organized person. I rarely lose things. I like to say that people with very organized brains don't have to be so organized in practice. They can remember what random peace they put their keys or that piece of paper. Me? If there aren’t a limited number of places for a thing, it will never be found when I need it.

I also have an organized idea of how to find things that works for me 100% of the time (when it works). First, you look in the obvious places, places it should be. Then, retrace your steps to the last time you had it. This is an absolutely fool-proof method save a couple really important qualifiers.

First, I lost the item in transition. That usually means I probably dropped the item in a parking lot. People almost never recover what they drop in a parking lot.

Second, I forget something. Mainly, I forget where I went, which is either where I lost the thing or when I put it wherever it is. The other part of that is I forget what I had on.

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